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Somewhere in America


Happy Fourth of July from Oscar and Mitzi

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Rocket Fourth of July Fireworks

Drug DIS Claimer

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Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I get sad. Sometimes I’m at peace. Sometimes I laugh out loud. All the times I wonder.


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Oh the plant closed in 1953 and the people packed their belongings and moved. Probably west to a relative I’d guess. The buildings just baked. No rain in I-don’t-know-months. Sometimes it was just lightnin’. I think the wind was blowing radiation. That’s what I heard.

A policeman in a Felson Driver’s Trainermachine came down. Went that a-way. And I thought I saw Guy. But I could be wrong. Any word about your brother-in-law?

Southern Illinois

Felson Driver’s Trainermachine


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We stopped at the blockhouse to see the building and the panoramic view of the trees and Lake Michigan. We did that for a time and she skipped back to the car. Fortunately I had a camera.

Blockhouse Jennifer Forest Lake Michigan Love Skipping Camera Muskegon

Life changes.

The Demon Drink! Movie-O-La

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Road trip. New York City. Party Friends. Drink. More Drink. Conversation. Have-a-drink. Dancing. Listening. Too Much Drink. Driving. Tanker Truck. Blackout. Gospel Tabernacle. Sin and Redemption! Alchoholics Anonymous Booze Landscape Nostalgia New York Christians Party Drinking Tabernacle

The Second Coming of Froggy

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“No, thanks for coming. No. No, really. It’s what I do. Really. Oh, you’re too kind. Go on. No, really. Thanks for coming. I do this all the time. Really. I’m a frog.”

“No, really. You’re really too kind. Really. Hi, how are ya? Hey.”