Great Moments In Photo Art Direction

“OwKaay, I wasn’t expecting this. Let’s put you in the kitchen like you’re cooking or baking something. Do you have a bowl? A mixing bowl. Yea, that’s good. Now Bill, you stand right there and hold the bank book in your hand so we can read the bank name. Betty you’re about to mix up a batch of cookies! Great. We can put in the bank name later. OwKaay, Dave, take some pictures and we‘ll move into the living room. How long have you two lived here? The place is really clean. Yea, move the cup over. Okay, no, look right into the camera and smile. No, I can‘t, I have to be in Park Ridge in an hour. Thanks you two. This was really great. We’ve got your signatures and Mrs. Ploski will call you in a couple days. You’ve got your own car, right?” Keys. I need my keys.”

Art direction photography illustration mixing cookies posing senior citizens

When this is over, I’ll squish him like a bug.


~ by designhouse415 on May 17, 2010.

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